Iris, done right

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I ventured back to Iris Cafe again this morning, determined to explore more of their menu. After reading favorable things about their granola, I decided to sample that as well as the blueberry-honey oatmeal. The verdict:

Possibly the best granola I’ve had, ever. Think flattened, crispy oats held lightly together with roasted pecans, walnuts and almonds. There is a heavy dose of salt, perfectly balancing the granola’s maple/honey sweetness. I ate a fair amount of this plain, without milk, but also enjoyed using the heated milk that came with the oatmeal to soften the granola into a warm cereal. This stuff is definitely going to become my go-to granola and I like it so much I am tempted to try to make it on my own.

As for the oatmeal– dehydrated blueberries plus mushy oats equals a perfectly decent dish, yet it so paled in comparison to the granola that I have put it away in the refrigerator for another meal. This granola needed no accompaniment; although I tend to believe that an iced coffee balances every breakfast these days. (On that note, I must say I am not nearly as fond of Stumptown as I am of Tazza/Joe’s/Van Leeuwen… is this just me?)


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