Tazza, mislabeled?

August 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

The other day I stopped by Tazza to pick up a refreshing iced coffee and pastry on my way to work. Since the scones looked way more enticing than the muffins (and lately I have had no interest in croissants), I had no problem narrowing my scope of choice. I wavered briefly between the all-berry and “apple cranberry”, and, since I had never tried the latter, I went with it.

It had all of the markings of a wonderful scone: crisp, crunchy exterior, nicely browned, light in the hand (no hockey pucks here), and a few hints of red indicating the fruit within.

Er, the fruit… within? Upon opening this scone I found a total of 3 cranberries, all which had been visible from the outside. There were absolutely no apples, leading me to believe this scone was not, in fact, an “apple cranberry” variety but was simply “plain scone with three cranberries”. Once I overcame my shock I realized it was in fact quite good– moist, fluffy, simple in tastes with a hint of tart from the berries. The crust was indeed crunchy (especially with a dusting of demarara sugar) and the flavors blended well; in fact, I think having apples in here would have been a mistake. Thank you, Tazza, for knowing your stuff– even though your attention to labeling details might need some work.


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