A doughnut, that’s all

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have always noticed the various Doughnut Plant offerings at Joe but until now (despite my penchant for things sweet and fried) have never been tempted. Perhaps it was because they tended to stock mainly yeast and jam varieties instead of cake, or perhaps I am fiercely and subconsciously loyal to Peter Pan of Greenpoint; for whatever reason it was not until yesterday that I finally walked away with a doughnut alongside my morning coffee.

A banana pecan cake doughnut, to be precise! And, while this was indeed a well-done thing: moist interior reminiscent of banana bread and a crisp, sweet glaze studded with pecan bits, it honestly did not give me much to remember.

Yes it was tasty, and yes perhaps my expectations were too high — I was anticipating being lifted onto another plane by the sheer majesty of the thing — but I honestly can say that I would have been more content eating a slice of good banana bread than I was with this treat. Maybe that’s the problem: the Doughnut Plant’s cake creations are really not suitable for breakfast. Now, if only Joe would start stocking banana bread…


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