Old Fashioned Goodness

September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

My new apartment is located wonderfully (dangerously?) close to one of the best donut shops around: Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint. Yes, donuts/doughnuts have become a serious trend in New York this year but just walk into Peter Pan’s and you would have no idea. That’s probably because the place hasn’t changed at all in the decades it has been around; just like the best donut shop ever (in Portland, Maine) this is really just a neighborhood joint that is all about the product, no frills.

Because I have a hard time choosing between chocolate and plain I got the marble cruller: a perfect blend of glazed chocolate and regular cake donut. For $1 this thing is huge, best split between two meals (or two people). The inside is doughy and the edges perfectly crisp; just crinkly enough to let the glaze collect in little rivets. My favorite bites are the ends (highest glaze to dough ratio), but the whole thing is honestly divine.

Get there early for the freshest donuts but they seem to continue baking all day so really, I’d just ask for what has been pulled out most recently and you will never go wrong. Ever. Love this place.


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