How rude

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is yet another rather good coffee shop near my apartment that I had the pleasure of visiting this weekend before an afternoon of kickball. Called “Gimme! Coffee“, this place is perhaps equally known for having great coffee and for taking its product very seriously. Fearing that my negative association with the word “gimme” (one of those words, like profanity and “bathroom language”, that I learned to be taboo at a very young age) combined with the brand’s seemingly pretentious attitude would forever mar any attempt to enjoy their caffeinated beverages, I had previously avoided Gimme! in favor of other local haunts. However on a sluggish Sunday morning convenience won out and I decided to give it a go.

The regular coffee was extremely good: slightly bitter, dark and very strong, you certainly get your fix with even the smallest size. And at only $1.75 (yes, I do realize that this price really should not qualify as “only”) it is the cheapest cup of quality coffee I have been able to find in the neighborhood.

As for the sweets: so many options! Doughnuts from Pies ‘n’ Thighs (I vow to try these sometime very soon), biscuits, scones, and croissants… I was overwhelmed with possibilities. Knowing I would need some protein to fuel my afternoon activity I opted for nuts in the form of an almond croissant. While I was never fully able to convince myself that the slivered almonds on top somehow made this a “good protein breakfast”, compared to my other option of chocolate doughnut I feel like I made the athlete’s choice. Perfectly baked, deliciously almond-pasty in the center with a crunch from the slivered nuts on top, this was beyond delicious. We won our kickball games.  A good choice, indeed!


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