French bite

September 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes you walk by a random store and can’t help but step inside, despite having no real interest in what you think it contains. Sometimes said store happens to carry delicious-looking baked goods and, just sometimes, you realize at that moment how much you do in fact want something sweet.

Hence how I ended up in possession of a chocolate macaron from Macaron Cafe:

While not the best of its kind in New York, this little guy certainly was good! So light it barely stood up inside its shell, the chocolate flavor seeped out just as intensely from the cookie as from the chocolate ganache center. Perhaps one of the most indulgent three-bite treats I have had in a while and most definitely deserving of a revisit. The gold flecks on top were, to borrow from a different dessert genre, simply the icing on the cake.


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