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Brilliant creation shared by my friend:

A Venn “Piagram”: simply stunning. I wonder how they attached the two pie tins?

Despite the beauty of this strawberry/blueberry combination I can’t help but imagine a Thanksgiving version a la pumpkin/pecan. This concept also definitely has to be recreated come March 14th (and yes, you know what day that is!).

The original post can be found here.


Sugar Sweet Sunshine indeed

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Despite all of the hype and subsequent backlash they have received over the past several years, cupcakes (when done right) really are just awesomely squishy sugar-bombs. And while cookies are still my sweet of choice, sometimes all you want is a mainline of sweetness to the brain and bloodstream. Hence, frosting (okay, there is cake down there too):

A chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting, both spiked gently with mint (and some sprinkles!).

Sugar Sweet Sunshine remains my favorite cupcake joint in this vast city. Their location is adorable and nicely discreet, always seemingly in the perfect spot to just “stroll by” when I “happen to be in the neighborhood” (eerily convenient, no?). I believe they strike the right balance on so many levels: cake to frosting ratio, cuteness barometer, price ($2, perfectly reasonable), flavor choices… the quality of ingredients and freshness is also possibly the best around. While waiting in line I saw two different trays of newly-frosted cupcakes make their way onto the shelves just in time for my consumption.

This place is awesome and they know it! Luckily their reputation has yet to be tainted by too much attention or late -90s television show references and, somehow, I think it will stay that way.


Cookies (eaten)

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This week I have had the pleasure of trying three (maybe four) truly excellent cookies. Unfortunately they were so good and the eating process so consuming (ha) that I never had a chance to document them… at any rate I will do my best to describe their excellence.

First there were the unexpected treats from Bouchon bakery in Columbus Circle. My roommate, who works in the area, came across some cookies one night that were bound for the trash as the bakery was closing. Thankfully she rescued several specimens and brought them to the safety of our kitchen. This was extremely fortunate for us but not so much for the cookies since our kitchen is not, in fact, a safe place for baked goods. They were devoured within 24 hours.

The best: Thomas Keller’s take on a Nutter Butter, well-described in this Fork in the Road post.

The next day was lunch in Bryant Park which somehow led to coffee at Culture Espresso. Upon entering the shop it seems my friend and I were simultaneously bowed over by two chunky-looking specimens sitting happily next to the register. Since the chocolate-chip and oatmeal raisin appeared equally irresistible, we did the logical thing and split them both. This was honestly the best decision of all time since I still can’t decide which was the best! Both soft yet firm and choc-full of cinnamon (in the oatmeal raisin) and awesome pieces of chocolate (in the chocolate-chip), each cookie was an exemplar of its type.

I guess I’ll just have to try all three again! This time I will remember to pause for a picture.


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Perhaps subconsciously inspired by recent cookie and cake truffle purchases from Momofuku, over the weekend some friends and I made this birthday cake:

We went for a traditional white cake/chocolate frosting combination but used sour cream in both to temper the sugar from, oh, just a few sprinkles tossed in:

I’d say it was quite the success.

Emma’s Breakfast

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Today we have a guest post from a friend in D.C.:

Small coffee and morning glory muffin from Firehook Bakery in Dupont Circle.

As Emma herself proclaims: “A testament to its quality: I am a tried and true savory breakfaster! Carrot muffin with diced apples, walnuts, raisins, shredded coconut , and spices–soooo good!”

Worth a visit? Guess I will have to find out!

If My Memory Proves Correct…

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One of the problems with eating a decent amount of baked goods is that sometimes you forget to properly record which is which. From what I can remember about my breakfast last week this should be a rosemary-currant scone:

Regardless of the flavor, I can definitely attest to its overall deliciousness. Another new addition at Joe, this scone was moist, light and flaky; soft currants contrasted nicely against the firm and sugar-speckled crust while a hint of herb (that I believe was rosemary) added a nice earthiness to cut the sweet. I will do some research and determine the bakery responsible since I definitely want to find more like it!

New Guy at Joe

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In sync with the changing seasons, Joe in Grand Central has brought out several new baked goods to add to their traditional arsenal.

A few weeks ago (and at the recommendation of one of the friendlier baristas) I had the pleasure of trying this muffin:

The “berry cardamom” option was true to its name. Cardamom never fails to remind me of the chai made by my host family in India and as if on cue, after one bite I was transported back several years to the kitchen table at which I first learned of this wonderful spice.

The blueberries and raspberries played well with the cardamom, no one flavor overpowering the other. The texture was on the softer side but I honestly wouldn’t have had it any differently. All in all an excellent muffin and a wonderful addition to the pastry case.

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