Cookies (eaten)

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week I have had the pleasure of trying three (maybe four) truly excellent cookies. Unfortunately they were so good and the eating process so consuming (ha) that I never had a chance to document them… at any rate I will do my best to describe their excellence.

First there were the unexpected treats from Bouchon bakery in Columbus Circle. My roommate, who works in the area, came across some cookies one night that were bound for the trash as the bakery was closing. Thankfully she rescued several specimens and brought them to the safety of our kitchen. This was extremely fortunate for us but not so much for the cookies since our kitchen is not, in fact, a safe place for baked goods. They were devoured within 24 hours.

The best: Thomas Keller’s take on a Nutter Butter, well-described in this Fork in the Road post.

The next day was lunch in Bryant Park which somehow led to coffee at Culture Espresso. Upon entering the shop it seems my friend and I were simultaneously bowed over by two chunky-looking specimens sitting happily next to the register. Since the chocolate-chip and oatmeal raisin appeared equally irresistible, we did the logical thing and split them both. This was honestly the best decision of all time since I still can’t decide which was the best! Both soft yet firm and choc-full of cinnamon (in the oatmeal raisin) and awesome pieces of chocolate (in the chocolate-chip), each cookie was an exemplar of its type.

I guess I’ll just have to try all three again! This time I will remember to pause for a picture.


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