Sugar Sweet Sunshine indeed

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Despite all of the hype and subsequent backlash they have received over the past several years, cupcakes (when done right) really are just awesomely squishy sugar-bombs. And while cookies are still my sweet of choice, sometimes all you want is a mainline of sweetness to the brain and bloodstream. Hence, frosting (okay, there is cake down there too):

A chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting, both spiked gently with mint (and some sprinkles!).

Sugar Sweet Sunshine remains my favorite cupcake joint in this vast city. Their location is adorable and nicely discreet, always seemingly in the perfect spot to just “stroll by” when I “happen to be in the neighborhood” (eerily convenient, no?). I believe they strike the right balance on so many levels: cake to frosting ratio, cuteness barometer, price ($2, perfectly reasonable), flavor choices… the quality of ingredients and freshness is also possibly the best around. While waiting in line I saw two different trays of newly-frosted cupcakes make their way onto the shelves just in time for my consumption.

This place is awesome and they know it! Luckily their reputation has yet to be tainted by too much attention or late -90s television show references and, somehow, I think it will stay that way.



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