The Shop

November 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

This fall has brought several new additions to my midtown coffee/bakery arsenal (which once was comprised solely of Joe), what with Culture and Steve’s breaking onto the scene. And just today (after reading some pleasant reviews) I finally made it to The Shop, located across the street from the NYPL in the lobby of the Andaz hotel.

I felt it was my duty to sample both dessert and breakfast items and I can now say with authority that the chocolate-chip cookie (house baked!) and carrot-walnut muffin are divine*. The cookie was moist and studded with a plethora of tiny, tiny chocolate chips which, despite my general preference for huge chocolate chunks, added to the softness and general character of the cookie.

The muffin was potentially groundbreaking even despite spending a few too many seconds in the oven (as indicated by char marks on the muffin’s outer lip). Hints of cardamom played between finely chopped carrot and walnut, the inside moist against the firm and walnut-dusted edges. I might have to find a way to stop by 5th avenue more often; this could easily become a part of my morning menu.

*So divine, and my office break so peaceful as to involve no cell phones/cameras, that I did not get a chance to snap either item. Use your imagination!


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