Sort of Ridiculous

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

This behemoth speaks for itself:

And what it says is, “Hi! I’m the apple walnut scone from Bakeri and I’m about the size of your head, if not larger!”

With a crunchy top and soft, moist interior, held together by apple and walnut and just enough salt to bring out the best of the sweetness, this guy is an honest winner. Reminiscent of City Bakery‘s Baker’s muffin, no?

Even when viewed next to a (smallish) coffee cup, this is one enormous scone. Bring your appetite, or otherwise your friends, so that they can at least get you into a stroller for post-scone-naptime.


Rose’s Donut

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

While I was traveling last month in a land far removed from such refined, confectionery goodness, my dear friend was able to sample a treat for her breakfast stateside.

Here is the donut that Rose so enjoyed, purchased at Culture:

Out of jealousy I demanded further details, but, true to form, she stated only that it was, “really, really good.”

Judging by the photo I describe this specimen (most likely made by Dough) to be light and airy as a cloud which is tethered oh-so-delicately to earth by the subtle crunch of its sugar coating.

Simple, satisfying, and demanding to be tried; Rose and I will be back to split this soon.

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