The Sweet Life

Sugar makes me happy.

While I have heard about the various ways it may cause harm to my body and have even tried going cold turkey (for a college class, long story), I find that my day is always brighter with some sweetness. While I’m sure that I could eventually replace my sugar cravings with some other form of enjoyment, to me this pursuit of the saccharine is such a simple and benign interest that I would much rather continue to indulge it than attempt to change my inclinations. This blog is an attempt to share the joy that I get out of seeking out amazing and inspiringly sweet creations, as well as embrace my tendencies instead of denying them.

However, while I can easily talk about sugar to seemingly no end, I often get shy about documenting my treats. A portion of the images on this blog come from stock photos or flickr accounts, since it seems that there are enough people who both enjoy taking photos in public and can do so with a decent level of quality that I’d rather let them share their photos freely and take what is offered.

I hope you enjoy my explorations! And thanks to all those other bloggers to whom I constantly look for inspiration.


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