February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I finally purchased something from the new(ish) Eli’s Bread in Grand Central Market:

Banana chocolate chip muffin.

When something has “chocolate chip” in it’s title I tend to assume the chocolate exists throughout instead of simply resting on top of the item in five (yes, I had already eaten one before taking a photo) solitary chunks.

Alas, this really was a banana muffin wearing dainty chocolate accessories. While I never quite got over my initial disappointment at this chocolate-chip letdown, the light, airy, and extremely banana-y muffin still won me over. What a nice change from my usual suspects and perhaps one of the more virtuous breakfast choices that still contains chocolate.


House of Small Wonder

January 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I often find that Mondays call for an ‘adventure’ to get moving and motivated for the week. After two glorious days without structure, a fixed waking hour is quite jarring without distractions along the way. This morning my legs carried my bleary-eyed self under the BQE and into a darling new shop (appropriately named House of Small Wonder)¬†where I discovered a wormhole into a cozy, anachronistic coffee shop of yore.

An Americano and slice of banana bread, please.

Both of these items were understatedly fantastic, the Americano perfectly pulled and with just the right (barista-added) amount of milk to mellow the harshness without masking any flavor. The bread was incredibly moist and balanced in texture with soft banana, crunchy walnuts and perfectly in-between chocolate chips. A sprinkle of demerara sugar sent me head over heels; this place is no small wonder but an excellent addition to the neighborhood.

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