The Usual

July 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

A breakfast that I have consistantly enjoyed over the past year is the apple-walnut muffin from Cranberry’s.

Cranberry’s muffins are some of the best around for your everyday breakfast– not too large, not too sweet, simple and satisfying. They are the kind of muffin that are actually meant to be eaten regularly, unlike some of the quasi-cake beasts that can only feel like indulgences. The apple walnut in particular (pictured above next to Joe’s iced Americano) manages to hit the perfect balance of wholesome cinnamon-bread base, soft apple and chopped walnuts that is both enjoyable to the senses and satisfying to the stomach. I can easily have┬áthree of these in a given week and still take enjoyment and pleasure in each bite.

My mother likes to buy these in bulk and stash them in her freezer. If you put a frozen one in your bag on the way to work in the morning, by the time you sit down to breakfast it is completely thawed but still chilly– absolutely perfect for summer days. Almost as good as breakfast pie! (But only almost..)


Morning Muffin

July 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

A typical day, a typical breakfast:



Carrot muffin from Cranberry’s on Henry.


With its gentle crumb, finely shredded carrot, small pieces of walnut and powdered-sugar coating, this guy makes a day in the cubicle just sweet enough.

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