Sort of Ridiculous

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

This behemoth speaks for itself:

And what it says is, “Hi! I’m the apple walnut scone from Bakeri and I’m about the size of your head, if not larger!”

With a crunchy top and soft, moist interior, held together by apple and walnut and just enough salt to bring out the best of the sweetness, this guy is an honest winner. Reminiscent of City Bakery‘s Baker’s muffin, no?

Even when viewed next to a (smallish) coffee cup, this is one enormous scone. Bring your appetite, or otherwise your friends, so that they can at least get you into a stroller for post-scone-naptime.


Mini Medley

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Our cafeteria has some pretty decent mini muffins, an assortment of which I have been able to sample over the past year:



Clockwise from top left: Corn, blueberry, and two “mystery” flavors (one might be raspberry?)

Perfect for those mornings when I’m just a tad hungry yet can’t seem to commit to a particular breakfast, one or two of these guys hit the spot. While I think I have tried almost all by this point there are a few varieties whose tastes still prove illusive. I might have to become more scientific in my attempt to nail down these flavors, but for the meantime I’m going to keep eating them in the hopes that my taste buds will evolve. The things we must do for research.

On rolls

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While bursts of sugar can provide some much-needed early morning energy, lately I’ve been leaning in a decidedly more savory breakfast direction. Behold, probably the most conservative of choices along my saccharine scale:

A walnut-raisin roll and English breakfast tea.

Since they are free in our cafeteria I have long gone for these rolls as part of a lunch, snack or dinner. But only last week, after I was told I needed to consume more iron in order to be a blood donor, did I consider trying this for breakfast. (Fun facts: Raisins are an excellent source of iron! Coffee prohibits its absorption! I learned a lot from my blood drive nurse).

And I have to say, I’ve felt great on the mornings when I opted for this bread: energetic, spirited, yet also calm and focused. Maybe it’s time to leave the coffee and sugar duo behind? But then, I must confess: my good mood could also be attributed to the sizable amount of sugar I added to my tea. While savory does have its benefits, I’m always going to need a little sweetness to balance. It’s in my (now, hopefully less iron-deficient) blood.

Berries galore

August 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Thanks to a random work-related errand, this morning I found myself strolling past the Borough Hall farmer’s market before getting into the subway. While my intention was merely to look at all of the fresh produce and perhaps grab a sample or two, I was immediately smitten with the fresh, tiny blueberries being sold for $4 a pint. Not batting an eye I forked over the cash and dug into the tart blue wonders. One mouthful reminded me of how those overblown, bulbous grocery berries are just not the “real” things– not the way berries taste right off of the hiking trail or backyard bush.

In line with the day’s trend, I opted for the blueberry muffin at Joe’s along with my morning iced Americano. Both were delicious, and while the berries in the muffin were of the larger, sweeter grocery-store variety, they were found with such abundance that the overall muffin experience was quite enjoyable. The sweet muffin (made even more so by the cinnamon sugar-coated top) paired beautifully with a handful of tart market berries and a sip of Americano.

A brilliant blue Tuesday, indeed.

City Bakery

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It’s nice to be reminded of why certain places with huge reputations actually deserve their hype– as is most definitely the case for The City Bakery (at least with regard to their muffins). This morning I took a slight detour on the way to work and found myself in possession of this beauty:

Blueberry-corn muffin.

Said muffin was a lovely departure from my typical choices– it was buttery and crumbly as opposed to cakey, invoking a slightly gritty cornbread studded with toasty sesame seeds and plump, juicy blueberries. The crust was firm and the innards threatening to fall apart at the touch; while messy, this was a treat for the mouth indeed.

Happy Monday!


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A tasty midday bite from the Turkish stand in Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza:

Baklava, just the right size, oozing syrup from the bottom yet remaining light and crisp on top. With a thin layer of pistachios, this was a manageable afternoon treat and did not bring along the typical sugar-overload that I usually receive from (heftier) Turkish pastries. Alongside a cup of mint tea, the five bites of baklava tided me over quite nicely.

Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza: East 47th between 1st and 2nd Ave.

The Usual

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A breakfast that I have consistantly enjoyed over the past year is the apple-walnut muffin from Cranberry’s.

Cranberry’s muffins are some of the best around for your everyday breakfast– not too large, not too sweet, simple and satisfying. They are the kind of muffin that are actually meant to be eaten regularly, unlike some of the quasi-cake beasts that can only feel like indulgences. The apple walnut in particular (pictured above next to Joe’s iced Americano) manages to hit the perfect balance of wholesome cinnamon-bread base, soft apple and chopped walnuts that is both enjoyable to the senses and satisfying to the stomach. I can easily have three of these in a given week and still take enjoyment and pleasure in each bite.

My mother likes to buy these in bulk and stash them in her freezer. If you put a frozen one in your bag on the way to work in the morning, by the time you sit down to breakfast it is completely thawed but still chilly– absolutely perfect for summer days. Almost as good as breakfast pie! (But only almost..)

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