Berries galore

August 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Thanks to a random work-related errand, this morning I found myself strolling past the Borough Hall farmer’s market before getting into the subway. While my intention was merely to look at all of the fresh produce and perhaps grab a sample or two, I was immediately smitten with the fresh, tiny blueberries being sold for $4 a pint. Not batting an eye I forked over the cash and dug into the tart blue wonders. One mouthful reminded me of how those overblown, bulbous grocery berries are just not the “real” things– not the way berries taste right off of the hiking trail or backyard bush.

In line with the day’s trend, I opted for the blueberry muffin at Joe’s along with my morning iced Americano. Both were delicious, and while the berries in the muffin were of the larger, sweeter grocery-store variety, they were found with such abundance that the overall muffin experience was quite enjoyable. The sweet muffin (made even more so by the cinnamon sugar-coated top) paired beautifully with a handful of tart market berries and a sip of Americano.

A brilliant blue Tuesday, indeed.


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