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July 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night I was going to have dinner with my family after an exhausting and wonderful weekend at the beach. We had decided upon salads at a local coffee shop, having devoured a bag of goldfish crackers in the car only an hour earlier, and were walking out the door. Now, I love salad, and I love the way I feel after eating salad. Minerals, fiber, some vitamins, et cetera– my body hums with enjoyment and a feeling of nourishment.

However, what I really wanted for dinner was ice cream. Not just vanilla, but an actual “could count as dinner because there is so much stuff mixed in” ice cream– say, Moose Tracks or Cookie Monster (Emack & Bolios, this one’s for you). I casually proposed this at the aforementioned front door and was promptly scoffed at by both brother and father. Apparently ice cream for dinner was not on either of their agendas and the thought of it alone made my brother disgusted.

Not one to defy too many familial niceties I ate my salad and yes, it tasted good. But I didn’t really feel nourished in that honest-to-god-its-just-so-right! way until after dragging my father to Häagen Dazs and getting two scoops on a cone. What flavors, might you ask? Only the best/most childish/classic combination of cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. Sometimes you just want some heft, and both deliver those alongside a comfortable dose of nostalgia. Do I really need vitamins? Because that ice cream could have been dinner all on its own, salad optional.

I love sugar and am constantly searching for more. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and I look forward to sharing some sweet (ha! I’m also punny!) finds with you all.


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