Cross-continental cookie

September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The other week I had the pleasure of getting to travel to California on vacation. Due to a crazy east-coast weather phenomena I had a forty-eight hour layover in San Francisco, during which time I was able to see friends and sample tasty treats. I knew I had to get some Blue Bottle coffee and, when at 10:30 am I picked up my iced regular in their stand on Haight Street, I couldn’t resist this intriguing and unorthodox little (actually, quite large) cookie.

It was labeled “Caramel corn chocolate chip” and yup, that’s popcorn! While I was first leaning towards a triple chocolate option the barista strongly recommended this flavor. He said I wouldn’t find it anywhere else and, with the exception of Momofuku’s compost cookie, he may be right.

So was it good? Yes, deliciously so. The caramel corn was softer than I would prefer on its own but surrounded by doughy cookie it worked quite well. A tad salty, mostly sweet; the corn provided contrast to the rich chocolate and buttery cookie. Hooray for San Francisco! I will definitely be back.


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