Sort of Ridiculous

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

This behemoth speaks for itself:

And what it says is, “Hi! I’m the apple walnut scone from Bakeri and I’m about the size of your head, if not larger!”

With a crunchy top and soft, moist interior, held together by apple and walnut and just enough salt to bring out the best of the sweetness, this guy is an honest winner. Reminiscent of City Bakery‘s Baker’s muffin, no?

Even when viewed next to a (smallish) coffee cup, this is one enormous scone. Bring your appetite, or otherwise your friends, so that they can at least get you into a stroller for post-scone-naptime.


If My Memory Proves Correct…

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the problems with eating a decent amount of baked goods is that sometimes you forget to properly record which is which. From what I can remember about my breakfast last week this should be a rosemary-currant scone:

Regardless of the flavor, I can definitely attest to its overall deliciousness. Another new addition at Joe, this scone was moist, light and flaky; soft currants contrasted nicely against the firm and sugar-speckled crust while a hint of herb (that I believe was rosemary) added a nice earthiness to cut the sweet. I will do some research and determine the bakery responsible since I definitely want to find more like it!

Tazza, mislabeled?

August 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

The other day I stopped by Tazza to pick up a refreshing iced coffee and pastry on my way to work. Since the scones looked way more enticing than the muffins (and lately I have had no interest in croissants), I had no problem narrowing my scope of choice. I wavered briefly between the all-berry and “apple cranberry”, and, since I had never tried the latter, I went with it.

It had all of the markings of a wonderful scone: crisp, crunchy exterior, nicely browned, light in the hand (no hockey pucks here), and a few hints of red indicating the fruit within.

Er, the fruit… within? Upon opening this scone I found a total of 3 cranberries, all which had been visible from the outside. There were absolutely no apples, leading me to believe this scone was not, in fact, an “apple cranberry” variety but was simply “plain scone with three cranberries”. Once I overcame my shock I realized it was in fact quite good– moist, fluffy, simple in tastes with a hint of tart from the berries. The crust was indeed crunchy (especially with a dusting of demarara sugar) and the flavors blended well; in fact, I think having apples in here would have been a mistake. Thank you, Tazza, for knowing your stuff– even though your attention to labeling details might need some work.

Off (of) the Beaten Path

July 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

It is often difficult to break out of my breakfast routine, what with a freezer-full of muffins from Cranberry’s at the ready and Joe the Art of Coffee directly along my morning commute. However, I am always so happy when I do finally manage to stop by a new breakfast spot since then I invariably discover something like this: the almond-cherry scone from Iris Cafe.

Iris is located only two blocks from my house, yet I have been there a mere handful of times over the past year! Perhaps Tazza gives it too much competition? Nevertheless I am generally pleased with both their coffee and pastries and should definitely try to head down the hill more often. While this scone is not my absolute favorite (perhaps due to the marzipan-esque intensity of the almond flavoring), it had lovely soft innards and a beautiful crunchy crust to provide the perfect balance of textures. I would have liked to see more fruit, since the berries played well with the almond bits and livened up an otherwise decent but unimpressive pastry.

I am planning to try more things from Iris in the future, perhaps that tender-looking banana muffin?

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